REO Systems

REO is the core name for the Microsoft Windows™ based control and data acquisition software products.

Designed around the core REO Real-Time Software, the following base software products are available:


REO-ETS: Advanced Control and Data Acquisition System for Engine Testing.









REO-DEC: Dynamometer and Engine Controller









REO-CDS: Emissions Chassis Dyno System







REO-DAQ: Data Acquisition for Engine Testing












REO-ETS is an advanced PC based digital control and data acquisition system targeted specially at engine test system engineers and users

It features the core REO (Realtime Environment for Operations) platform developed by KLas to provide advanced realtime high-speed digital control and data  acquisition with single platform integrated digital PIDs.

Using modern design techniques and state-of-the-art I/O hardware, REO-ETS offers a very flexible and highly efficient test system that is both easy to use and to configure


REO-DEC is the ideal Dynamometer Controller for all dynamometer types.

With high speed digital PIP control, REO-DEC offers superb control stability with ease of use and flexible design

High Precision Optical Encoders are used to provide Manual Demand Control of both the Dynamometer and Engine (Throttle/Pedal) Demands.

REO-DEC is offered in a compact 3U high 19’’ Rack Mounting Enclosure. The 7” High Resolution Touch-Screen allows easy set up and monitoring of the system through a variety of easy-to-use multiple-screen displays


REO-CDS is part of the family of REO products. Targetted as an advance data acquisition and control system for 48’’ Roll based 2WD and 4WD Emissions Chassis Dynamometers, REO-CDS provides a flexible and powerful system.

REO-CDS offers a simple to use yet powerful solution to chassis dynamometer testing. A Window XP/7 based system. REO-CDS uses modern tecnologies and hardware to provide a compact powerful environment for all your testing needs.


REO-DAQ is an advanced PC based Data Acquisition System targeted at the automotive engine and vehicle tester who requires a powerful and flexible system that is easy to use.

REO-DAQ provides real-time data acquisition at rate up to 10Hz.

By using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Hardware, REO-DAQ ensures that uses proven and reliable hardware technologies.